The Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Korea FTA negotiations will identify the impacts on sustainable development of the Agreement to be negotiated; make policy recommendations; and contribute to informed discussion.
DMI Associates

DMI Associates, based in France, specialises in economic integration and co-operation with a strong network of partners throughout Europe and in emerging markets in different regions of the world. The company’s core competencies are economic co-operation, development of the legal and regulatory basis for economic development, governance reform and development of institutional capacities for economic and regulatory policies. Some of the company’s key areas of competence include design of trade policy; mainstreaming of trade policies; private sector development, trade and investment promotion; institutional strengthening and legal advice for economic reform and international integration for transition economies, development of legal and regulatory systems for e-commerce, economic regulation and rule of law and governance issues. DMI collaborates with leading consulting and law firms in Europe, and has a proven capability to mobilise high quality expertise and to provide legal and regulatory support geared to the needs of the counterparts. DMI works in East, South, Southeast and Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, East and West Africa, South-east Europe and Latin America. DMI has extensive experience in project identification, project implementation, and monitoring and evaluation for the European Commission in different regions. DMI has also undertaken analysis of EC strategies and relations with China, India, and the MEDA region.