The Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Korea FTA negotiations will identify the impacts on sustainable development of the Agreement to be negotiated; make policy recommendations; and contribute to informed discussion.
Ticon Development Consulting

Ticon Development Consulting, based in Latvia and affiliated with Integra in Ireland, participates in technical assistance and economic co-operation projects for private sector investors. Ticon has been involved in several projects supporting the accession to, and implementation of WTO obligations and commitments. Ticon has extensive experience and expertise in monitoring and evaluation with the European Commission, the Multilateral Development Banks and the United Nations.

Ticon has also undertaken many projects related to economic reform and transition in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in Central, South and Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Caribbean. Ticon specialises in supporting regional economic integration, trade and investment promotion, WTO accession and implementation, customs reform and trade facilitation, and services liberalisation and regulatory reform.